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Get rid of typos and enjoy the best typing experience you’ve ever had with Typewise,
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Say goodbye to typos

Meet Typewise, the keyboard that drastically reduces typing errors*. Finally type without hassle and frustration.

Slide 93% Typewise Regular keyboards 74% words without typos words without typos

Re-designed for smartphones

After 140 years of using the typewriter we’ve built the keyboard specifically made for smartphones. With 70% larger keys that are easy to hit.

Privacy by design

We believe in full privacy. That’s why Typewise doesn’t require suspicious permissions on your phone and all data stays on your device.


100% offline mode

No suspicious permissions


6 permissions required incl.

Exact GPS location


8 permissions required incl.

Exact GPS location

Camera access


11 permissions required incl.

Exact GPS location

Camera access

Browser history access


100% offline mode

No suspicious permissions


Full network access

Exact GPS location

Storage access

Identity access

Contact access

Calendar access


Full network access

Exact GPS location

Storage access

Identity access

Contact access

Calendar access

Camera access

Microphone access


Full network access

Exact GPS location

Storage access

Identity access

Contact access

Calendar access

Camera access

Microphone access

App usage access

Bookmarks access

Browser history access

Customize your keyboard

Not enjoying "default" keyboards? Use different layouts, colorful themes and additional typing features to create the keyboard of your choice.

Use hexagon or traditional layout

19 colorful themes including dark mode

Change font size, vibrations and more

Controls made easy

Typewise is the rocket but you’ll always be the captain. That’s why you have all the controls you need to write that perfect sentence.

Tap to modify corrections

Swipe to delete and restore

Easily move cursor

Join over 500,000 users in changing the world

Typewise is not just an app, it’s a community project. What started through a Kickstarter has evolved into a global movement. Get involved:


David Eberle
Chief Strategist

Janis Berneker
Chief Technologist

Nimra Ahmed
UX/UI Designer

Dmitry Patuk
Head of Growth

Miloš Tasković
iOS Developer

Milan Zujevic
Android Developer

George Roberts
AI Engineer

Luca Campanella
AI Engineer

Christian Wollny
Growth Hacker

Anissa Ziane
Junior Growth Hacker

Milan Živanović
Javascript Developer


Surmayee Tetarbe
Business Development Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Typewise for free?

Yes! You can use Typewise for free. Although, other premium features are available as in-app purchases. Some of our premium features include typing in multiple languages without switching, personalized word suggestions, feedback while typing (in the form of vibration), text replacements, additional themes, and much more! Give it a try!

Is it easy to learn the hexagon layout?

According to our users’ reviews, realizing the benefits of our keyboard and mastering it could take between 10 minutes and a couple of weeks. BUT what everyone agrees on is that in the digital age, we need to learn how to type more productively on smartphones!

How many languages does Typewise support?

At the moment you can choose from 40+ languages. As a Swiss startup, we focus on Latin languages first. But we are working to support more languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian (and many more) in the future! By the way, with our premium version, you can type in multiple languages without switching!

– English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada)

– Afrikaans

– Albanian

– Basque

– Breton

– Catalan

– Croatian

– Czech

– Danish

– Dutch (Netherlands, Belgium)

– Estonian

– Filipino

– Finnish

– French (France, Canada, Switzerland)

– Galician

– German (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)

– Hinglish

– Hungarian

– Icelandic

– Indonesian

– Irish

– Italian

– Latvian

– Lithuanian

– Malaysian

– Norwegian

– Polish

– Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)

– Romanian

– Serbian

– Slovak

– Slovene

– Spanish

– Swedish

– Swiss German

– Turkish

Can I customize Typewise myself?

We’ve got good news: yes, you can make Typewise truly your personalized keyboard! First of all, go to the settings in the app, where you can choose between the hexagon and the traditional layout. You can also add your own text replacements, change the font size, adapt gestures to your preferences, choose the color theme that matches your personality best, including dark mode and more!

What kind of premium options does Typewise offer?

You can use Typewise with many functions free of charge, while the PRO functions are available through an in-app purchase. You can choose between:

Monthly subscription for $1.99*
Annual subscription for $9.49*
Lifetime purchase of $25* and all PRO functions are activated forever (coming soon)

*Prices depend on your country.

Why are several features premium only?

Compared to other keyboards, Typewise does not collect or sell your personal data and online behavior. We also do not show you any ads. To improve and develop Typewise further, we offer premium features through an in-app purchase. But, all the most important features are available in the free version! We hope you enjoy them!

Can I transfer my premium license between Apple and Google?

Unfortunately, Apple and Google don’t allow us to share a license between both systems, so you will need to acquire the license for each operating system.

What is the difference between Typewise Keyboard and Typewise Offline Keyboard?

Great you ask! Since the start, privacy has been our top priority, and Typewise has worked entirely offline. However, certain feature requests such as voice-to-text, dictionary backup, or animated GIFs require internet access. For this reason, we now operate two apps: Typewise Keyboard (with internet access) and Typewise Offline Keyboard (which remains fully offline with no internet access).

Typewise Keyboard still puts privacy at its core. No typing data leaves your keyboard. To improve the app, we share specific usage data from the app itself, e.g., from the tutorial, game, or settings. If you don’t like that, you can turn on the “Offline Mode”, which will switch off any connection.

I previously bought Typewise Offline Keyboard; can I switch to the regular version?

Please contact us at, and we will look at your case in detail.

How do I delete text?

Deleting is super easy: just quickly swipe to the left on the keyboard without holding to delete a letter. If you swipe and hold, you can delete multiple letters at once by swiping left more. You could swipe back right to restore text if you deleted too much. In the tutorial, we explain this and other great features.

How do I capitalize letters?

That’s very easy! You just have to swipe up on the letter or letters you want to capitalize!

Where can I write language accents (e.g., é)

Simply press and hold on the main letter that the accent belongs to. For instance, to write an “é” press and hold on the letter “e”. The accents displayed depend on the selected languages. The é appears if you e.g., added French as a language. However, if you don’t want French word suggestions, you can add the desired accents in the settings under “Advanced Settings > Custom Accents”.

How do I add new words to the dictionary?

You just need to write the word three times, and the keyboard will learn the word and save it to its dictionary automatically! In some cases, you might have to minimize the keyboard for it to “process” the newly learned word(s).

If you notice a wrong correction, it’s important that you undo it by tapping on the Smart Bar notification just above the keyboard. That’s how Typewise learns what you wanted to type and will improve its auto-correction over time.

How does the autocorrection work?

Typewise automatically learns the words you type. If you notice a wrong correction, it’s important that you undo it by tapping on the Smart Bar notification just above the keyboard. That’s how Typewise learns what you wanted to type and will improve its auto-correction over time.

How do I use "text replacements"?

We created text replacements to simplify and speed up your typing! Text replacements are a series of initial letters of words or phrases. For instance, you could use text replacement to shortcut any text (e.g., phrases such as “talk to you later” into “ttyl”). It also works to simplify the task of writing email and home addresses and full names. Adding text replacements is one of Typewise’s premium features, and it is simple to activate. Follow the next steps to customize your typing!

1. Open the Typewise app

2. Press on settings

3. Select Text Replacements

4. Add text replacement (define the initials or “shortcut” based on the text that you want to shorten)

Example: you can define “MyID” as a shortcut in the settings to quickly enter your email address. So, every time you write “MyID” (plus space), Typewise automatically will insert your email address. You can do this with any phrase you like. Pretty awesome, huh?

Here is the link to our short (old) tutorial on how to do it!

How do I cancel my subscription?

Oooh no! We are sad that you are thinking of leaving Typewise! Unfortunately, we are not able to cancel the subscription for you; you need to follow your app store’s guideline.

For iOS: Your subscription can be managed in your iTunes account settings.

For Google: Your subscription can be managed through the Google Play store (just make sure you are logged in with the right account).

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