Get rid of typos and enjoy the best typing experience you’ve ever had with Typewise, the keyboard app for iOS and Android.

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Say goodbye to typos

Meet Typewise, the keyboard that drastically reduces typing errors*. Finally type without hassle and frustration.

Re-designed for smartphones

After 140 years of using the typewriter we’ve built the keyboard specifically made for smartphones. With 70% larger keys that are easy to hit.

Controls made easy

Typewise is the rocket but you’ll always be the captain. That’s why you have all the controls you need to write that perfect sentence.

Tap to modify corrections

Swipe to delete and restore

Easily move cursor

Join the community

Typewise is not just a regular app, it’s a community project.



Janis Berneker
Chief technologist


David Eberle
Chief strategist


Martin Jondžić
Android developer


Filip Pejović
iOS developer

40,000+ supporters

Hundreds of people supported our first version WRIO Keyboard via Kickstarter. And thousands more helped us shape Typewise⁠—the future of the keyboard.

You’re awesome, guys! Visit the app’s Hall of Fame for a list of names.

How to get started

Spread the word and get ingrained in our Hall of Fame.

Invite your friends

Join the community to actively shape new features and get support.

Visit our community platform

Help us bring out new features even faster with a good cup of coffee.

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