Award-winning text prediction and autocorrection solution.

User Experience: 

Boost your UX with our text prediction and autocorrection solution.

Data Quality:

Improve your data quality and draw the best insights after integrating Typewise.


Provide a tailored solution to your end users and enterprise clients alike.

100% Privacy:

All data stays with you and your users.

Research partners & recognition:

World-class autocorrection

Our autocorrection accurately spots (almost) every typo, using state-of-the-art machine learning technology. Available in 40+ languages.

% of incorrect words correctly corrected

100% privacy

Typewise is private-by-design and runs directly on the device. All data stays with you and your clients. That’s the “Made in Switzerland” guarantee.

Proven with 100k+ users

Our text prediction technology is already in use by over 100,000 loyal users of our innovative keyboard app. 

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Surmayee Tetarbe 

Business Development Manager